About Our MN Fugitive Recovery Company

Guardian Fugitive Recovery, LLC has been in business since 2009 and offering great service ever since. Our specialty is MN Fugitive Recovery and Investigative Services. 

We at Guardian Fugitive Recovery believe that MN Bail Enforcement is best categorized as “Claims Adjusting” rather than “Bounty Hunting”. We advocate for our clients and the purposeful need of Commercial Bail as a tool in strengthening Minnesota Public Safety and reducing costs to the Tax Payer while providing Accountability to defendants in the MN criminal justice system.


When in the field or investigating a difficult case, it is always good to have a central line. We consistently utilize our various locations and law enforcement contacts in order to provide a unique structure never before seen in MN Bail Bonds and Surety Enforcement.

We are routinely called upon by Bail Bond and Fugitive Recovery Companies to assist and provide additional insight when a case can’t be closed. We are without a doubt, the only real choice for Recovery Services in the United States.


Reliable, and Dedicated agents that have been thoroughly educated in our own proprietary industry training are utilized for all of the services that we provide. The vast majority of our active agents hold experiences in Law Enforcement, Psychiatry and Military Services. We have chosen to utilize agents with diverse experience and a desire to learn along with a strong sense of moral standing and attention to detail.


Reducing civil liability and financial risk, by maintaining the highest levels of Integrity and Professionalism is the cornerstone of the GFRA operation.


MN Bail Enforcement